Apple picking

Today on our way home from camping in the mountains this wonderful first weekend of fall, we stopped by an Apple Orchard to pick some apples. I found this place on my phone, they were one of the few orchards that were on our way home and open on a Sunday, I am so glad we stopped, it was really cute.

You could purchase fresh apples already picked or pick your own. We chose to do both.

There were plenty of apples down low for the little ones to reach we totally did this for a photo op..I think it worked :)

 The  inside was all festive and sweet, the views outside were beautiful, they had a pumpkin patch and a petting zoo. For a second I thought I might want to live there, at the orchard... then I saw how many people were filling the place up to buy apples and look around and stay awhile, and I changed my mind.
  Check back this week to see what I end up doing this all these delicious, beautiful, apples.

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