Monday Musings

1. I'm not really digging the 70 degree weather in December, call me crazy.

2. We have decided as a family to rescue a dog as our Christmas gift. We have 2 dogs but are used to 3 so we decided to do it. She is a precious lab mix, pics will be coming soon.

3. I had horrible nightmares all weekend of being chased by zombies and or chasing dogs that kept escaping from our fence and by the amount of dogs we had in our yard I would definitely say we were borderline hoarders....of dogs.

4. Saw Lincoln this weekend. It was L O N G, but the acting was superb. Tommy Lee Jones is and has always been one of my favorites. He was really great in this, as was the entire cast.

I have watched this commercial at least 10 times (a day) i cry...every.single.time. maybe it's because I have boys, it just melts me.

6.  I am so unmotivated lately, I feel I've gotten this way ever since daylight savings. I want to curl up on my couch and watch movies all day and night. ugh.

7.  I typically don't get into musicals but the trailer for Les Miserables gives me goosebumps.

8. Walking dead is on hiatus, but American Horror Story is still on and it is so freakin scary. Why do watch this stuff? I cannot help it.

9. I just realized everything I am talking about revolves around tv or movies.....I told you I was in a rut.

10. Happy Monday.