New York City

Hubby and I just got back from a wonderful weekend in New York City, we were celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary. This was not our first visit and definitely not our last, we love it there. I think I gained about 10 pounds during our 3 days there, well I probably walked off 5 of them, yes, let's say that. We mostly ate while we were there. I took my camera along to a few places we ate at to share the experience.

Our first stop was Bouchon Bakery, everything looked amazing.

We narrowed it down to these four.
They were all delicious, but this vanilla macaroon and peanut butter cookie sealed the deal. AMAZING!
 Another stop was Doughnut Plant. NO, not on the same day! That would be C R A Z Y! ;)

These doughnuts were so G O O D....

Do you see the melted chocolate running through that doughnut? I thought hubby was gonna faint!

This is the peanut butter and jelly doughnut, so yummy.

This was my favorite, blackberry filled with a vanilla bean glaze. So light and airy, perfect mix of tart and sweet.

Another place we searched for was not an actual restaurant but a food truck. We love The Great Food Truck Race on Food Network, we wanted to try the Korilla Truck food, we knew they were from New York, they serve Korean BBQ. There were so many food trucks...

We located the Korilla Truck and stood in line only to find that they had run out of almost everything! So we never got to try it, oh well, guess we'll have to go back :). Please come back tomorrow and see more pics of the City and my post on Chelsea Market. I must go run and workout to try to lose those extra pounds (so worth it) I gained this weekend.

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