This week Jake, our oldest turned 12. I used to get so irritated with strangers who would come up to me and tell  me to cherish these moments with my kids, (as they are having toddler meltdowns in the Target isle.) Now he's 12 and he doesn't need me as much. He's interested in girls and hanging out with his friends. Time really does fly by. Take a moment to enjoy them, hug and kiss them, tell them how proud of them you are, how handsome or beautiful they are. How much they mean to you.... cherish these moments.

I bought the trick candles that keep lighting after you blow them out. It was a hoot to watch.
 He got brother involved. It was getting really funny. Check out those dimples!

Back to Jake. I think he's got it now.

Oh, now it's Eme's turn.

 Will it ever end?

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