Burlap and some mice.

I have been wanting to recover and paint my dining rooms chairs for a while now. So when I was in Hobby Lobby AKA "Home away from Home" I saw they had their burlap on sale for 2.99 a yard. It was totally in my budget, and I love the textured look it would add to the chairs. So I got to painting and recovering, then I decided to stencil a G on the chairs to add a personal touch, so hubby printed one off the computer and laminated it and cut it out. I had so much burlap left over I decided to make some runners for the tables. I found some stencils at Hobby Lobby for cheap and went to it, I love how they turned out. And I REALLY love how the whole project cost me 30 bucks!

It's weird how the silliest things get in your head and you obsess over them. Last year for Halloween I saw Sarah the Thrifty Decor Chick decorate her hardwood stairs with these mice silhouettes from Martha Stewart Crafts, it was so cute! At the time I had a carpeted stairway so it was out of the question. BUT this past winter we got new hardwood floors throughout (BEST.DECISION.EVER) so I could not WAIT for the fall season so I could go out and get those mice. (I told you, it's weird...I know) Yes it's early to decorate for Halloween, but I've waited a whole year people! The kids love it. Check it out.

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