I have a thing for baskets....

This is a random post. Maybe it's a cry for help, maybe I am trying to inspire you. I have a confession...I have a small obsession, addiction if you will...to baskets. I realized this yesterday, after I purchased yet ANOTHER basket (which was a great deal I might add, in case my hubby asks ;)) and I could not find a place to put my new basket.  I walked from room to room and all I saw was baskets! In every store I go into to I am drawn to them, like bees to honey, like a moth to a flame, like a mosquito to my leg! (You get the point.)  I cannot get enough baskets! I big, fat, heart them, they make me feel happy and cozy. I think I have enough for now, I will try to stop. Thank you for listening.

This basket is hiding my ugly vent. The air conditioner man told me I need to move it, it's not good for airflow, I did not listen. The vent is ugly and it's the first thing you see when you walk in the front door. This basket is very necessary.

Try putting a plant in a basket, super cute. Make sure you water the plant though. I did not, please ignore dying fern. It did look super cute, at first.

Love. And soon I will fill it with fall leaves or fruit.

We have five people in our family, sometimes we all want our own blanket when we are watching TV. I cannot drape five blankets over my couches. I roll them up and put them in a basket.

We might get cold in the room with no TV, or need an extra pillow, grab it out of the BASKET!

I really love this basket, and it adds a little texture to the coffee table.

This is in the most inconvenient place, at the very bottom of the stairs. I have 3 boys. Pears are usually falling all over the stairs at least once a day. It makes me happy, I 'm not gonna move it :)

I loved the 2 tone color of this basket. If I ever decided to go walking in a meadow and pick wildflowers...this is the basket I would take.

There's a story behind this one, lets just say I finally found one, I got it for a good deal and people are intrigued. It's a tobacco basket. I super love this one!

More baskets to hold more stuff.

I actually saw this idea from another blog, a basket for the top of the frig for all the catch all stuff that ends up on top. You see how that's working for us? We just pile all our stuff around the cute basket.

A basket for dry cleaning? Yes please.

I'll stop there, but trust me there are more;) Maybe I have gone a little overboard, but some lyrics just popped  in my head from a Sheryl Crow song, "If it makes you happy, it can't be that bad"


  1. As a recovering addict, let me just say IT CAN BE BEATEN. Although it did take me years and the realization that I had more baskets than I had stuff to put in those baskets. I put myself on a strict "look but don't buy" plan and am happy to say that it's been a LONG time since a new one made it's way into the house.

    (but that tobacco one? I don't think that would even really *qualify* as a basket, which means it's fair game. if I ever see one that needs to come home with me.....just sayin)

  2. I agree ;) Thanks for reading my blog! p.s. I really love your hair, make me wanna cut mine again.