I discovered these little guys last year when a neighbor gave me a jar of them, after my first bite, at that moment I was so happy my kids did not like nuts cause I was gonna eat EVERY SINGLE ONE of those suckers. Of course the next day I had to run out and find me some Rolos and make some more to share this delightful little treat. My only complaint is finding Rolo's....my Walmart doesn't carry them, my Target doesn't carry them. I found them at Harris Teeter for 3.99 A BAG! That's robbery people. I caved, I gave them my money with a snarl (not really), maybe you'll have better luck finding Rolos, you should stock up. Once you see how easy and yummy these are you will be making them over and over. Throw them in a mason jar, tie a bow around them, a perfect little teacher gift.

Bag of small size pretzels
Bag of Rolos
Pecan Halves

Place your small pretzels on a cookie sheet. Top each pretzel with an unwrapped Rolo. Place under the broiler for a minute you need to watch them, you do not want them melted, just a tiny bit soft. Once you remove gently press a pecan half on each Rolo. Let cool completely.

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