Thanksgiving Weekend Part two

It was also my birthday. Hubs took me out to a fancy dinner Friday night and we stuffed our faces with filet mignon 3 ways and asparagus and macaroni and cheese it was soo good. We also headed up to the NC mountains to get our Christmas tree. It took forever to decide, we have gotten very picky, we will do better next year, we will try not to be so picky.We ended the weekend at my brothers house eating more delicious food and watching football. I got to see the rest of my nieces and nephews, I adore them all. From here on out my days will be filled with lists and shopping and wrapping and parties and more shopping and it makes me so thankful for this past weekend, it was all about hanging out with loved ones without all the stress and other stuff.
 If the rascals see a tree they climb it, its in their blood. they must.

 hubs swore he heard a moaning in the barn behind him, like a dead person zombie moan, it's a sickness.
 We walked all over this joint, it took us forever to decide....will do better next year.
 Hey whatda say, the tree farm also had a Santa. Good thing I told the rascals it was just one of his helpers. cause about 5 minutes after this shot "Santa" got up for a smoke break, Emerson's eyes were big as saucers.
 quick game before trimming the tree

 must fix crooked angel
 so we took our dog Leon to my brothers house and he chased their cat up into a tree...NOT GOOD
 I mean W A Y up in the tree. He came down eventually, so glad we didn't have to call someone. So Glad.
 My niece Lilah, AKA BUTTERBALL, she is beautiful and I love her so.
 she is actually posing, can't you tell?

 my nephew Stephen lost a tooth, he got 5 bucks from the tooth fairy, he was stoked. I wanted to pull that other tooth that was pointing at me but it was not ready, not yet.

 My niece Crisenda played her cello for us, it was beautiful. she is beautiful. they are a very talented, musical family.
 even Lilah was checking her out

 We ended the evening with T H I S. Oh my goodness, my SIL Dana made it and it was HEAVEN
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday too.

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