You can make home made bread.

This is life changing people. You CAN have fresh home made bread come out of your oven several days a week. No kneading, fool proof, delicious, crusty bread. You make a batch of dough with 4 ingredients,water, yeast, salt and flour. It sits in your frig for up to 14 days, it makes several loaves. This is awesome. This is easy. Do not be afraid of bread. Try this recipe. Here's the link with excellent, step by step directions.

And here is the bread I made using this recipe.
 I mixed it right in the container I was storing it in. I used a wooden spoon. No mixer, no gadgets.
 after 2 hours sitting on my counter it turned into this
 I ran to Target to purchase one of these. You could eyeball grapefruit size balls but I wanted to be precise.
 My 1 pound of dough sitting out ready to be baked
 nice and crusty

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