Caramel Apples

This is not a recipe post. But I do recommend making these...I made our whole family get flu shots this week. We did not get them last year, we all got the flu last Christmas. We got our kids a new dog for Christmas and they did not care, they had fevers and chills and wanted to go back to bed, it was awful. We will not do that again...get the flu, or a dog. So we got our shots, and in return I let them make a mess of my kitchen. We made Caramel Apples,I had lots of toppings to choose from. I envisioned Williams and Sonoma's Caramel apples the size of your head all perfect and beautiful.

Halloween Caramel Apple

Yeah, they didn't turn out quite as perfect...
So my kids don't wear shirts, they HAVE shirts, lots of them, they just choose not to wear them, even in February, they DON'T WEAR THEM. It's weird. They are mine :) I still love them.

Pretty close huh? I'm thinking we could sell these, No?
Oh well, at least they had fun.

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