New York Part Deux

Chelsea Market is a really cool place to check out if your ever in the city. It is where they film many of the Food Network shows. Of course you cannot get up to see that part of it unless you pay for a tour, I was content just taking in all the other stuff they have available.

 I could have watched this guy all day, rolling out tons of dough so fast and effortless...
 Carb heaven. Sigh.
 I'll have one of everything.?.

 I am trying to figure out if I could squeeze that mixer in my kitchen.
 We love all the rustic brick walls inside, very cozy feeling.
 My only complaint about our visit was the warmer temps, living in the South you could find yourself sweating at Christmas. I wanted to not sweat in New York....that didn't happen.

 This guy still makes my heart skip a beat.

 This guy is NOT a statue.  Freaked some kids out when he smiled.
 That's me from a distance, so you can't see the sweat dripping down my face.
 Times Square
 We spent a good while in Central Park our last day there, it's so pretty.

I love New York. I miss it already and can't wait to go back.

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