Goof Ball

I was taking pictures of some food the other night for some upcoming recipes and as usual Leon is at my feet, someday's I cannot tell if he just loves me so much he can't leave my side or he is secretly trying to get rid of me by making me trip over him and fall to my death. I decided to take a few shots of him. He started acting all strange. I wasn't even using my flash yet he would barely open his eyes. Like he was meditating or something.
I cannot tell if he's trying to be cute or pitiful, or evil.

 This is just plain kind of looks like he's guilty of something, maybe he just ate his poo again and is afraid he's been busted.
  Is he falling asleep? trying to be invisible? wishing he were anywhere else but here?
 no words.....
In this one he looks like he's trying to be a jedi master.

yes, that's definitely it!

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