Boys and Football

I have THREE boys. There are not many dull moments in my house, I don't get a lot of "down time" unless I leave the house... ALONE. I get a lot of "Bless your heart" comments in public. They are rough, and rowdy, they break things and jump on furniture and throw my pillows. They stink, they are dirty, they burp and pass gas and laugh about it. They leave their socks and shoes all over the house, they leave their wet towels on the bathroom floor. It's crazy, I'm not gonna lie, some days I yell.
     When we went in for the ultrasound that third time and the nurse told me I was having a healthy baby boy, I wept. That sounds terrible I know. I just knew that this was my last chance for a girl, I did not want anymore babies three was enough. There would be no hair bows or dresses in my future, no tea parties and barbies. I cried like a baby and then felt horrible for crying. Of course I got over it, do not get me wrong I thank God everyday for the 3 blessings he has given me, I love and adore every single morsel of their dirty, stinky bodies. It is true that the older they get the easier it gets. They are becoming self sufficient for the most part. And they all love giving me hugs and kisses they have huge hearts and they are very caring and they love Jesus, so I can deal with the wet towels most days.
      Football is a huge part of our family. My husband is a die hard Panthers fan. He is raising his boys to be die hard Panthers fans. We don't win often but we will ALWAYS support them and cheer them on. I love that about my husband. I love the familiar surroundings of it, as a child my father was the same way, I also have 2 brothers. (they were stinky and dirty and passed gas and burped too) They grew up, they don't do that now, not often, there is hope. Our Sundays from late August til January involved our family in front of the TV watching football, supporting our team. Dad yelling at the TV. It was part of our childhood, part of our life. It's comforting and familiar to me. This weekend as I was admiring my boys cheering on their team giving each other high fives  I felt so much joy and happiness I loved the familiar, comforting feeling that filled my heart, I realized in that moment, that God knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he gave me three boys....and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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  1. I love our family and love how close we are. Go Panthers!