Monday Musings

1. Here's what I know for sure....if there is a spider web within 50 feet of me I WILL walk through it, face first. Then after cursing and pulling the web from my hair and eyelashes I will fell remorse for that spider who probably worked all night on that web, and is currently cursing me.

2.  Another thing I know for sure, stopping running for a period of time then trying to start back up is not easy, it's a battle, in my head, and I HATE it!

3.  After re-reading number 1 I think I realized why I actually got bitten by a spider this summer and almost died (not really) almost. I totally deserved it.

4. this makes me sad. R.I.P. Michael.

5. Honestly I am not sure what I'm more excited about, FOOTBALL or FOOTBALL FOOD.

6. Another cool song.

7. In 3 days we will have a teenager living under or roof. Where did the time go? I hope I don't screw this up.

8. Fact: the first bullet proof vest AND windshield wiper blades were made by women. Pretty cool.

9. Fact: I just realized I am typing Monday Musings on Tuesday, you are so lucky

10. Have a wonderful week, are you ready for fall? or milking every last morsel of summer fun you can?

1 comment:

  1. In the words of your illustrious husband, I am red-E for fall! Spiders are evil. It is ok to destroy their homes. I always like the musings, even if they do come on Tuesday! Wish I were running. I just took myself out of my first half marathon training program. (Well, I didn't, my health did). Run all you can. With all your might. You may need that to run away from the impending teenage doom. Good luck. Ask my mom, boys are easier than girls. Happy Tuesday!