Wishing Everyone a happy, safe, over the top fun Labor Day Weekend!

 Remember way back when I shared how I get so overwhelmed in Trader Joes? I kind of shut down, I feel like I don't belong and suggested they give free tours? Well I still feel that way, but I do know exactly where to find these suckers and its worth the trip just for these. If you haven't discovered them by now, YOUR WELCOME.
 Is this not the sweetest ever? Big lug.
 snuggle time with Leon, why does he look so stressed?
 I went in blond, and came out brunette WITH BANGS! still in regret mode..over the bangs, not brunette.

 Rascals started school. Handsome rascals.
 We walked to school, the first day. Got all out jitters out.
 You know you did it as a kid.
Mom and brother came over yesterday and we canned salsa, SO.Fun. 21 jars of garden fresh canned salsa. I should have taken pics. We worked so hard.

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