This is our last weekend before school starts, I have mixed emotions. I have loved the carefree, laziness the late night snuggles and sleeping in, lounging by the pool, matinees. But the rascals need to be separated, they are sick of each other. I am sick of hearing them fight and call each other butt holes.  So we will make the best of the days we have left. I hope you've had a wonderful week, here's a glimpse into mine.
 Bacon is beautiful.

 Gallimore men
 my girls
 leaving me gifts.
 she watches them intently.
 the empty pool, summer is ending.
 i pinned this necklace many months ago on pinterest, the original is from J.Crew and you can enjoy one for $150.00 OR you can be like me and snag one (or 3) on ebay for 10.00 a piece, FREE shipping. Of course the quality is not the same but for $10 bucks.....1 of them even came with a little J.Crew tag on it. Happy Day!