Happy Friday...I'm longing for crisp air and cardigans. My favorite boots, vibrant leaves, crackling fires, football. It's only August, I live in the South. H E L P. Have a wonderful, safe weekend.

 Emerson is making up for all the days of swimming he missed because of the stinky green cast.
 Have you ever made home made croutons? Don't, they won't make it to the salad you'll want to eat them all as soon as they come out of the oven I may or may not have burnt my mouth a few times. SO.GOOD.
 Leon watches TV, he picks fights with animals on TV. He thinks he's cool, we let him think he's cool.
 bike ride in the heat, so fun...NOT
 a neighbor gave me a big bag of garden tomatoes, I made salsa.
 5 miles, in the heat, because I made a chocolate chip skillet cookie and ate some,just wait til you see it next week. (recipe to come)
 My girlfriend Barbara always has fresh flowers in her house, I had to copy her. It's cool...we copy each other a lot. That's what friends do.
The kids did a food drive in our neighborhood. Pretty proud.

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