Oreo Pudding Poke Cake

Instead of buying candy and more "stuff" (crap) for my kids because somehow over the years they expect something from ME for Valentines. I made them a cake. They were extremely content. This is a very easy and very yummy treat. I used the red Oreos since it was Valentines.

1 box chocolate cake mix
2 boxes oreo pudding
1 container oreos crushed

Bake cake as directed.
During the last few minutes of cooking prepare your pudding as directed on box. You do not need the pudding to be very thick you want to be able to pour it onto your cake with ease.

Once you pull the cake from oven poke holes all over cake while it's still warm (I used the back of a wooden spoon) then pour pudding evenly over the cake. Cover with plastic wrap and let it set up in frig for about an hour. Add crushed oreos just before serving.

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