Monday Musings

1. So The Walking Dead is back on. Super.pumped. I cannot get enough of the zombies. Unfortunately along with the show come restless nights. Why do I do this to myself??

2. Adele is so amazing and talented. I think we could be best friends.

3. We lost another Legend this weekend. Whitney Houston was so beautiful and graceful and such an icon. She was truly blessed from God with the most amazing voice. May she rest in peace.

4.  Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? We totally do. I think most people that say humph, actually, secretly want to celebrate or be recognized. Listen when your in a relationship for a long time then you throw some kids in there, it is easy to put your relationship on the back burner. Not intentionally it just happens, so if your gonna give me a holiday to be able to recognize it and celebrate it I'm all in. We are going to dinner, without the kids, I may even where heels!

5. Did you know the Queen of England is looking to hire to someone to (insert royal British accent) "draw her bath" she is paying 22K! What the heck!

6. Um.. how can she talk? eat? drink? this can't be enjoyable for her. I'm actually having trouble breathing just looking at this.
 Holding back? The structured shoulders and sequin encrusted netting were - by Lady Gaga standards - almost unoriginal


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