Monday Musings

1. What the Heck? I am not going to make these today for fear that I may eat the entire pan but you seriously should. And let me know how freakin amazing they are. Go on. I'll wait.

2. Just as expected, the media has over talked and overplayed Whitney Houston to the point I cannot hear her name anymore. And seriously, I will Always Love you is NOT the only song she sang. Move on.

3. The kids are out of school for 2 days, just because. They have spent the entire day with their heads in the frig and pantry. I think they would eat the drywall if I poured chocolate sauce on it.. I have never seen anything like it. They are not even teenagers yet. Lord, help me.

4. Are you watching American Idol? It's gonna be good this season.

5. Jennifer Lopez is so pretty.

6. Monday is almost over. Yay.

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