Monday Musings

1. I didn't really care who won the super bowl because my team was not playing, but the mister and the rascals said we want NY because "we" hate Tom Brady. I told them "hate" is such a strong word. They scoffed...

2. Um Madonna is 53. Madonna makes 53 look HOT. Love.her. Oh and I want to give Cee Lo a bear hug and eat brownies with him. I think I could get my arms around him. I think.

3.Finally saw Paranormal 3 this weekend. WHAT THE HECK! kids who talk to demons

4. I really need it to be Spring, but I'll settle for a whole week of sunshine. Please?

5. I could eat Qdoba every single day.

6. That's all for now.

1 comment:

  1. Michelle, you make me laugh! You are such a trip!!!