Monday Musings

1. Can I just say people PLEASE do not post MAJOR spoilers of shows on FB. Some of us lame people can't stay up late to watch their favorite show (Walking Dead) in real time so we DVR them. I do not enjoy waking up to statuses that ruin my Mondays. Grrr.

2. It didn't really ruin my Monday I just wanted to say that. Still...NOT COOL.

3. Another productive weekend. Yay. We were outside the entire weekend, thank God for beautiful sunny days.

 I am attempting potatoes again. I actually had some grow last year they were just reeeeally tiny. The guy at the Hardware store said I pulled them too early, so I will wait...longer. I also threw in a bag of yukon golds from under my cabinet that were growing eyes, we'll see..

 My beauties, found some plump and juicy worms yesterday, they also found a baby snake, Freaked me out! They would have eaten it but the mister wouldn't let them... he "got rid" of it.

 These two, enjoyed the fresh air too.
Abby is sooo lazy, this is how she plays...laying down.
they really do love each other.
I am so excited over my new garden boxes the mister built for me this weekend. They are almost done, he's going to add a little bench seat all the way around them. He is so special :)

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