Monday Musings

1. Don't you L O V E productive weekends? Not busy, but productive as in having a list of "to do's" and marking things off that list, and still having time to put your feet up and watch tv or go for a bike ride. It was one of those weekends.

2. Our shower door shattered into a million tiny shards last weekend, all by it's self, nobody was even in the bathroom, freaky. It is the original shower door, our house is 28 yrs old so I guess it was telling us it was tired and over it. Meanwhile we will be slicing our feet on tiny miniscule slivers of glass for years, as they flew everywhere.

3. The good thing is it has motivated us to finally get moving on some bathroom renovations... we are on a budget, we have some ideas, it may be stressful. But home improvements usually are. But oh so worth it in the end. I will keep you updated on the progress. :)

4. Are you watching American Idol? If not you should, it's so much better talent this year. Here's who is standing out to me so far.

5. The weather is back to being C O L D. Yuck I say. I want Spring.

6.  Happy Monday.

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