Monday Musings

1. Sleep? What's that? Every three hours Emerson must be given pain meds from his surgery, yesterday I tried stretching it to 4, did not go over well...back to 3.It's like having a newborn again.

2.Watched 2 great family movies this weekend. Dolphin Tale. and Courageous. Both made me cry. Either because they were really moving or I am so exhausted I just cry all the them. Oh and The Debt was good too, not a family movie though.

3. Seal and Heidi Klum are separated. Why am I surprised my this? like it's affecting me, they have 3 kids. (I won't cry.)

4. Etta James passed away this weekend.

5.I am starting to get a bug to paint, something. My house feels dark and I want it to be light. I credit this bug to Pinterest.

Pinned Image

chunky white trim, light gray walls, black accents.


6. Happy Monday everyone.

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