Our lives are so busy, time slips through our fingers, in the blink of an eye.....poof, days, months, years they become a blur. I'm able to remember the big events like, childbirth, milestone birthdays, vacations, but those everyday activities, the tiny moments, special in and of themselves....they become forgotten. Buried. The older I get the more forgetful I become. I don't always have my lovely dslr camera with me but my cell phone is usually by my side. Instagram makes capturing those times easier and more fun. I take a lot of photos with my phone, I've decided to make Fridays, Instafridays to share my candid, everyday moments.

 Started back my regular running schedule. hasn't been easy.
 My newest obsession, like a cherry cheesecake. No joke
 little Eme reading to us, so special. I love listening to his little voice sound out the words.
 Had some family photos turned into canvases, they turned out wonderful, I love them.

 Cleaned my floors, it lasted about an hour before the rascals got home. I have this to refer back to...
 I love you Costco.
 A treat for myself.
 A storm caused a tree to fall in our backyard, a mess to keep us busy this weekend.
 I will read this before seeing the movie. Wait for me Daniel Craig.


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