Monday Musings

1. I stopped watching the news about a year ago. Life gives me enough anxiety so when I watch or read about all the horrible things that are happening around me it intensifies that anxiety and makes me have restless nights and horrible thoughts. I try to stay in the know of all the big things but it's all the little things that get me all worked up. Well I got online this week and got sucked in like a vacuum. There was some CRAZY crap that went down in the news. And lets just say for a second (or half a day) I actually thought I was in a Walking Dead episode. FREAKED ME OUT! Then I read that Zombie apocalypse was like the biggest search on google last week. So, see, it's not just me.

2. No, I don't watch the news but I watch questionable TV.And read dysfunctional books. Same? I say no. It's NON FICTION. I need balance.

3.  The mister won't let me tell him the story about the man chewing the other mans face off, I want to tell him so I can get it out of my brain and into his. He shakes his head and walks away.

4. Okay enough crazy. How about there is only 5 more days of school left! This is our anthem.

5.I despise burpees.

6. I made The Pioneer Woman's Spicy Dr. Pepper pork this weekend. SO.GOOD.

7.  I wish they played Florence and The machine even half as much on the radio as they do Adele.

8. Fact: The average person has about 1,460 dreams a year. (that's about 4 per night)


  1. That story was crazy! That guy seriously snapped! Did you see the pictures? Wow isn't a strong enough word. Florence and The Machine is awesome. This is written in stone. Somewhere.

  2. I did not look at the pics because I knew it would haunt me for days!

    1. Yeah. Agreed. It would. I promise. Morbid curiosity. I can't say I have seen worse, however, I have seen enough that this didn't give me nightmares.