Monday Musings

1. My Mom had a birthday this weekend. I had everyone over to celebrate. Just a mere 3 hours prior to them showing up, this happened...

oh! what's that? that's where the plumber stepped through my ceiling into my kitchen. Thank God he did not get hurt. Once I found out he was okay I think I laughed out loud, not at him, but at the situation, because this is getting pretty funny. Really.

2. This needs to get in my belly. Right now.

3. Is there anyone else who's read The Hunger Games and hasn't seen the movie? No? just me?

4.  I'm kind of stoked for the new Avengers movie. Having boys will change you. You get excited over super heroes and fighting. Well it totally doesn't hurt when the super heroes look like this

and this

doesn't hurt AT ALL.

5. The mister has got me hooked on Amos Lee if you've not heard his music check it out. He's like a male Norah Jones. It's our chill music.

6. My beautiful mom turned 58 years young this weekend. She is awesome and amazing and funny. Sadly I didn't pick up my camera until the party was almost over. Most of the party took place of the deck where it I had lights, and candles and flowers. My brother played grill master to all of our personal pizzas we made. Then the rain forced us all inside.

And I realized it didn't matter about the gaping hole in my ceiling above us. None of that "stuff" matters. We had each other. That's what's most important.

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