Monday Musings

1. I did something I am not proud of this weekend, I gave in, I watched The girl with the Dragon Tattoo without finishing the book. I was not even into chapter 3, it's been sitting on my bedside table, collecting dust. I even pressured my husband to throw in the towel. (He was 33% finished) I made a face, "You're not even 1/2 way?"  that was not nice, I know. It was worth it, I think I will read the next book ;)

2. So much sadness and heartache going on around us. Many people close to me are suffering for many different reasons. Nourish your bodies, and your souls. Live each day as if it were your last. Be thankful, be grateful. Love one another. Hugs are wonderful.

3. Every act of kindness you share will water someone's thirsty soul. ~ Freedom for His Princess

4. I LOVE baked beans.

5. Is it wrong I want to tell my kids there is no Easter Bunny? Yes they still believe (not my oldest) I am tired of this charade. I do not want to dye eggs anymore. Gosh I sound horrible. Yes, they know the true meaning of Easter BUT they STILL WANT THEIR CANDY! ugh.

6. We are on Spring Break this week, I cannot sleep past 7:00. EVER.

7. Daniel Craig has magnificent abs.

8. Happy Monday. Give someone a hug.

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