Monday Musings

1. I am currently in my kitchen (baking of course) while listening to destruction of my bathroom upstairs. Oh this makes me happy.

2. After more then 5 people recommended Downton Abbey, the mister and I gave it a whirl. We are hooked. we finished an entire season over the weekend. We may or may not have started speaking to each other with a British accent.

3. Just in case you were wondering....Jessica Simpson is STILL pregnant.

4. Saturday afternoon the mister (who thinks he's 15 yrs old) challenged a handful of high school and middle school boys to a game of basketball. He looked so happy to beat up on those boys. He then came in and proceeded to eat a large bowl of icecream right before dinner. He has the metabolism of a 15 year old. Is it wrong I wanted to kick him?

5. I have been daydreaming of garden parties, lazy summer days, no more homework. Almost.There.

6. Is there a Nutella anonymous? no? Just asking.

7. okay, okay, I'll try roasted chick peas again, jeez.

8. I need to go put some of my chicken's poo in my garden I heard its like gold. I'll go do that now. While I daydream of living on a farm, while I speak to myself with a british accent.

9. Happy Monday.


  1. I will speak to you in a British accent :) So glad you are enjoying Downton Abbey. I, too, want some of that chicken poop if you have surplus.

  2. I will shar my chicken poo with you ;)