Monday Musings

1. Forgive me for being absent so long. I do not know what happened. I have no real explanation. I haven't baked, I haven't picked up my camera (except my phone because it is attached to me with super glue, a habit I am working on.) I think I was in a funk, and my house is out of control and I am not in control and everything is a mess and not in it's place and covered in white drywall dust funk. I wanted to move, I wanted to stay in a pretty hotel on the coast sipping margaritas watching the sun set, and wait for the call..."Your bathroom is finished, oh and we cleaned your house too!" that was not an option. So I hid in the funk. Friends kept saying "Your so patient!" The true fact is I was exploding on the inside, My husband would tell you I was irritable, irrational and cranky. I have learned alot about myself :) Anyway, I am back and I have missed you! I hope to have some before and after picks of the bathroom up soon.

2. I am going through Downton Abby withdraws, I am afraid I am going to lose my British accent during this hiatus.

3.  This....

my friends, is why God did not give me daughters. Cause I would not have allowed her to go out like this....yeah yeah she's 19 BUT this is not working for me....AT ALL! Also she needs to fire her hair and makeup peeps pronto!

4. HELLO! I am making this, THIS WEEK!

5.  Summer is almost here, I am daydreaming of lazy days at the pool, fireflies and s'mores.

6. I made my favorite sammie ever for lunch today. Fresh mozzarella, tomato, pesto, panini. Heaven!

7.  Our book club is taking a break over the summer any good book recommendations?

8.  As I sit in my house I realize I might have a slight addiction to lamps, baskets, pillows and burlap. H E L P.

9. Happy Monday. So good to be back :)


  1. Good to have you back. Thought maybe the bathroom might have swallowed you whole with its evil doings. Life is good. Chocolate is great. And I assume you know how to make margaritas at your house. Just sayin'.

  2. Thank you and your absolutely right....chocolate IS great!

  3. forgot birds. Picture frames and now chairs.