Whirley Pop

Warning: this post is probably going to make you want popcorn. About a month ago some girlfriends of mine were bragging (not really)...kind of. About their Whirley Pops and how it made the best popcorn and how easy and fun it was to use. I had NEVER I repeat NEVER made popcorn on my stovetop or any other way except throwing the bag in the microwave and hitting the popcorn kernel pic on the right hand side of my microwave. I was so curious about this whirley pop, they had me at easy and fun. I left them and immediately went and purchased one. I love it! My kids love it. It's so cool, and easy and the popcorn is so fresh and wow, I have been missing out. Today I took my popcorn to another level, melted butter, rosemary, sea salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese. No measurements required. Add it all to taste. Hello fancy, impressive popcorn. Everything is better with cheese....and freshly ground pepper. 

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