Monday Musing

1. Getting my Christmas cookie list together, I can't wait to share some of my favorite cookie recipes with you.

2. Went and saw The Descendents yesterday. It was sad. Not depressing sad but dysfunctional, corky, sad.      George Clooney is lovely...and he is very good in this movie.

3.  I have a thing for beets..I think I could eat them everyday. Hubs thinks it's weird to like something that tastes like dirt.

4. My life just got a tiny bit better because of Loreal Ever pure Sulfate Free shampoo. wow.

5. I am watching Kelly Ripa on TV right now as I am typing...she looks airbrushed.

6.  I made vanilla ice cream this weekend and added chopped up peppermint patties to it, yum.

7.  Fortune cookies were actually invented in America, not China. This makes me crave chinese food. weird.

8. Almost finished shopping. is my dear friend.

9. Have a wonderful week.

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