Monday Musing

1. During my run this morning, the sky was a beautiful lavender color. In that moment I thanked God for strong legs, a strong, healthy heart, lungs to help me breathe in the brisk air....and for lavender skies.

2. Our golden, Abby is due for her annual exam. I have been putting it off hoping she'll lose some weight so they don't get mad at me. She is so big. She's about to pass out in the pic above. not kidding.

3.  I think I'm going to wrap presents today. I despise wrapping, and I am bad at it. People (my family) make fun of my wrapping. so mean.

4. I found another new show I love, now that my Zombie show is on hiatus I had to find a replacement. It's called Hell on Wheels, it's on AMC it is GOOD. And not so scary, I am sleeping better, I think.

5. I have an obsession where if I see they make a movie from a book I have to hurry and read the book before seeing the movie. I now have to read The girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I just saw the trailer for it. Two words: Daniel Craig

6. Fact: strawberries have more vitamin C then oranges.

7. I hate green tea. It tastes like dirty water.


  1. 1) AMEN!
    2) Poor Abby!
    3) The wrapping is as important as the gift in my book. I always try to make it beautiful. :)
    4) Once Upon A Time on ABC/ Sunday/ 8:00 is AWESEOME and not scary!!!! Try it out!
    5) If I read a book, I won't watch the movie because the movie is NEVER as good as the book. Such a disappointment!
    6) Interesting!
    7) You just ruined green tea for me. LOL

  2. I do need to check out once upon a time, I've heard great things about it.
    the Help movie was great but the books are always better. ALWAYS.