My girls

I have mentioned before that I have hens. I spoke about my beloved Martha and how much I miss her. We have since purchased 3 more. I have 5 total. I am done. I do not live on a farm, although I day dream about it often, instead I live in the suburbs, surrounded by houses and swimming pools, and playing children. It works for us. I wanted them for the eggs, mostly. I bake so much and i wanted my own fresh eggs. We purchased each of them when they were only days old. We have grown attached to them, they are part of our family. Nothing makes me happier then sitting outside in the warm sunshine with a cup of coffee watching my girls scratch around in the yard for goodies. It's quite therapeutic. They get out for a little while each day to scavenge the yard and play. Their eggs are delicious and I believe make my baked good, extra fluffy and delicious. If you have room in your yard and in your life I highly recommend getting some. They are a joy.

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