Wishing you all a lovely weekend. Um, where did this week go? I have a few shots to remind me. 
 Target clearance score
 celebrating the weekend
 pumpkin pancakes
 Grant know hows to build a fire, my kids are earning their keep :)
 Leon was Semi interested in the polls the other night.
 here we go
 my favorite
 who doesn't love taco night?
 my guilty pleasure #Nashville
pumpkin chocolate chip muffins


  1. I hate to tell you this but your children may have an addiction to breaking bones. Just sayin'.

  2. Your weekend looks lovely.
    And I'm itching to make those muffins... why again did I decide the holidays were a great time to lose weight?! :)

  3. Thanks Sarah Ann, the holidays are the absolute worst time to lose weight. I highly recommend making the muffins :) Happy Monday.