Monday Musings

1.  It's a sad day when I'm sitting in a theater watching Madagascar 3 with my kids checking the exits and ready to pounce on anybody who walks in that even remotely freaks me out. Praying for those families. Repeating to myself the words I read from another blog this morning. God is always good, man is not.

2. on a much lighter note...
WHAT.THE.HECK. I think I need to have a party, like today...just so I can make this dip.

3.  yes, I'm ready for fall. I said it. It's out there. I am hibernating. The Mister is too, he just won't admit it.

4.  Speaking of the Mister we went for a lovely bike ride this morning, wondering where I can get a giant seat that's oh, about as big as my pillow? That would make it so much more enjoyable!!

5.  Two things I'm looking forward to, Olympics and Shark week.

6.  Something is wrong with me, I cannot get through 50 shades of Grey, I am trying, is there a page when it just really takes off? How can they possibly make a movie of this? Don't hate me.

7. I did, however read this in 2 days.
 Never Knowing

8. Happy Monday everyone.


  1. Fall. It just cannot come soon enough. Cooler, dryer, football-ier etc. Again, can't come soon enough.

  2. I am not hibernating, and do not wish too. There is too much golf to be played. The advantage of living in a warm climate. I am however ready for crisp days, smoked ribs and sweat pants.