Missed this face while we were away.
 and this one
 found an awesome place for antiquing while out with mom this weekend.
 cherry pie in the making
 it tasted better then it looked
 oh how I adore afternoon thunderstorms

 trying my hand at succulents, I cannot keep anything alive.
 took a $10 brass chandelier from Habitat and got out my spray paint
so happy with the result.

Happy Friday, stay safe out there.


  1. Can I put my vote in for something with raspberry in it? I would basically eat anything with raspberry.

  2. I rescue Boston Terriers and am a foster mom. Aren't they so wonderful?

  3. Hey Lucy, Leon is actually a french bulldog, they look so similar to Boston Terriers just shorter legs which you can't see in this pic;) What a wonderful thing your doing being a foster mom to those sweet ones.