Monday Musings

1. Today is the first day of our summer break. It's after 1 pm and we may or may not still be in our Pj's.

2.  I have an appointment with a chiropractor today, I've never been to one. My hip is jacked up from running and boot camps and a lifetime of bending over at the hips. I am so sceered.

3.  I haven't told the mister but I have been researching beekeeping. I am pretty sure I want to keep bees. Make honey. What is wrong with me??

4. My nephew turned 16 yesterday! gulp. seriously, where is the time going?

5. Hello baby squash, and crazy pumpkin plants!

6. We walked Abby to the farmers market this weekend and she didn't make it home. As in the mister had to RUN home to get the car and come pick her up. SO.LAZY.

7.  Are you watching Girls on HBO? It's so awkward and uncomfortable but we can't turn away.

8.   I need to make a summer list of books to read.

9.  I will not hold my breath but I think the other bathroom will be done this week. (longest project ever)

10. Happy Monday friends.

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