Monday Musing

Do you ever just want a do over? Or are you a what's done is done lets move on type? I would like a do over for this weekend. It was Little Eme did not get his tonsils out last Thursday like was planned, it was on the calendar, it was written in black ink. He woke up and he ate half a pop tart. He went unnoticed, it was over our heads. It was not happening. I know now that God had his hand in it. Eme was not supposed to have surgery last Thursday. He woke up Saturday with an awful stomach bug. Stomach bugs send me over the edge. I become a crazy warrior who's main purpose in life is to battle the bug until it is gone, trying to keep it from getting it's nasty claws into anyone else in my home. My hands are raw and cracked and bleeding from all the scrubbing. I smell of bleach and lysol. It's still undetermined if I won the battle but so good. While Eme dozed on the couch with a trash can beside his sweet head I snuck upstairs to watch some TV. I am Legend was on. I love that movie. I adore Will Smith. 

Who doesn't? It made me feel better for a minute until the crazy zombie appeared.

and then he had to kill his dog once she was bitten by the scary zombie dogs.

not a feel good Not a great weekend. 

Anyway on a lighter note. 
1. Book club is tonight, we are eating chinese.

2. The Golden Globes are Sunday and I can't wait. (Crazy, Stupid Love is my favorite movie of 2011)

3. Beyonce and Jay Z had a baby girl! (Let's hope she looks like her momma)

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