This week has been exhausting. The anticipation of Emerson's surgery to now being so thankful it went well and it is behind us. Now time for the healing, he has been vomiting a lot from the anesthesia, they had to call him in a prescription. Since hydration is very key for helping the throat the heal. Here is a glimpse into my week. I hope yours was much more exciting.

 Basketball season is upon us. This is what our Saturday's look like.
 Abby girl enjoyed a day at the doggie spa. We enjoy a clean smelling Abby AKA "Sweetest Girl in the World."
 Oh yes, I busted this Christmas present out, made some donuts. Recipe coming soon.
 My lil man. What is it about those gowns, that just make you feel so vulnerable. I wanted to fold him up and hide him in my pocket with his little gown on. Thank you God for keeping him safe.
 We came home and built a cozy fire for him to rest in front of. I love that canvas....
 Sweet little man.
This is Leon's  "I know something is wrong but I don't know what to do about it" face....DORK.

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  1. I love this post for so many reasons. The photograph of you and Emerson prior to his surgery is precious. I am praying for his recovery. I love Leon. Your canvas looks AMAZING!