Monday Musings

1. So I decided to download our next book club book to my new phone so I can listen to it while doing my cardio. Did I mention the book is World War Z? Z is for Zombies? Ya. a lot of scoping out the woods and turning around to see what is lurking behind me. spooky.

2. You know that person out in public with the tag hanging out of their shirt? Yeah, that lady with the sticker down her jeans showing her size and length, thinking she looks cute in her new jeans? Yes, that's me. It never fails.

3.  I tried tuning into X Factor last week, see what all the hype is about, also because I wanted to stare at Brittney Spears and listen to her talk. It was awful. Really. The Voice is so much better. If Christina could just cover herself up a bit it would be excellent.

4.  The mister and I seriously cannot wait for our shows to start. We are major couch potatoes in the fall. It makes us giddy. Silly, I know.

5. It's here people. I couldn't be happier, it's my favorite time of year. I'm heading to the attic to bust out my seasonal decor. Laugh if you want to.

6. Speaking of laughing. The mister and I almost cry from laughing so hard every time this comes on.

7. What ever happened to Burt Reynolds?

8.  Happy Monday!

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