Oh my it's Friday, thank goodness. I am sorry about no recipe posts this week, I have been baking, just stuff that I've already posted! I spent way too much time fiddling with how to repost some of my fall favorites, hopefully will get that figured out this weekend. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.
 It's pumpkin bread season, we go through this stuff like C A N DY.
 The best part of my day.
 my new read, came recommended. It's a trilogy and similar but different from hunger games.
 I've never seen a kid more pumped to be safety patrol. love it.
 so that salsa mother and brother canned a few weeks back? It's ridunkulous.
 I put my mice up early, cause I love them so....
 Leon could NOT hang til the Panthers played, good thing he fell asleep cause we got our booties handed to us....on a silver platter.
 So stepping out of my comfort zone and wearing color. I kind of like it.
 taco soup


  1. Great photographs and update. Colors look amazing on you, then again, anything does. You are a beauty.

  2. You are too kind Caroline. You must join the instagram bandwagon and do your own instaFriday on your blog!!