Be jealous.

Just in case you were thinking of me today, wondering "Oh, I wonder how Michelle's bathroom renovations are going. I bet she is soaking in her claw foot tub holding a glass of wine, while staring at her chandy. Or MAYBE she's in her much larger subway tiled shower for the 3rd time today just because she can!" Yes, just in case these thoughts were going through your heads because you have absolutely nothing better to do but be jealous of me and my new bathroom. Well I thought I would show you what it is I have been staring at for going on 2 weeks.
 So this is where our new vanity should be...Don't you just love the message the mister wrote on the wall the last time we stripped wallpaper and painted this room? He is so classy! And a good speller. BTW no wonder I could never sleep in here that yellow is like the color of the SUN!
 One day a bath will be here.

 what once was my shower...

 This currently is where all 5 of us are showering. The wall was wallpaper that we painted bright orange many, many, many years ago. Every time the mister gets out of the shower he peels a little bit off, sometimes a lot bit. Oh, did you notice the shower curtain rod? Yes, it's been bent like that for over a year! I'm letting it all hang out people. My rascals were swinging on the curtain because they think they're monkeys. I never replaced it. My theory with 3 boys is why replace it when they're just gonna break it again anyway!
 Seriously? will you ever talk to me again? My mother is mortified right now. Actually no I take that back she's saying"Why would I be mortified? It's not MY bathroom!" Love you mom..I refuse to clean this bathroom because as soon as they are finished ours they will move onto gutting and redoing this one. What is the point. At least that's what my lazy self says.
 This is my dining room, that has now become the storage room AKA since it's already messy lets throw all the crap we don't feel like putting away in here room.

Things happen, always....they take longer then you expect and cost more then you expect. On a side note the sun finally came out today, I can rejoice in that.

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. I need to redo my bathroom too. It's bad. It's old. Watching your progress? It's like going to the baby floor at the hospital. Great birth control. On a side note, you have a great writing style.