It's Spring Break! I am over the moon. Sleeping in, walks in the park, no schedules. Happy Friday.

 We had Abby shaved. She looks miserable here but trust me she is a new dog. AND the kicker? She was NOT FAT! she looks 20 pounds lighter. She was ALL HAIR. I wonder if I shaved my head if I'd look 20 pounds lighter? somehow I think NOT....
 I love my neighbors tree in the Spring.
 What else do I love about Spring? It's bounty, asparagus and sugar snap peas. Sauteed in a little butter, salt and pepper. So. Good.
 Beer in the rear chickens on the grill, a sure sign of warmer weather.
 Thursday morning sunrise.
A field trip to Raleigh with my middle rascal. I was in charge of 5 boys! I assumed the worst and it ended up being a great day. Funny how that works.

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